Starting from motive power of self seeking, self mediation, and return to origin of national character, married couple artist, artisan Vo Van Quan and Hoang Le Xuan researched, drew out new trend of embroidery aimed to restore traditional career falling into oblivion.
Mrs.Hoang Le Xuan was descended from Hue family inherited all of high precise skill of embroidery. Mr.Vo Van Quan, an artist with creative brain and patient attempt already together with Mrs.Xuan drew new trend for career, combined between embroidery art and painting art to create new color for Vietnamese embroidery.

  • From 1990-1992 both of them invented embroidered works with subject: “Refer to a country, refer to a human life” very Vietnamese character.
  • End of 1992 they came Da Lat to open career class and trained embroiderer , to raise new embroidery art universalized folk .
  • Early 1994 established XQ Da lat silk embroidery cooperative team with total 10 artisans.
  • Date 30 January 1996 officially established XQ Da Lat limited with some achievements as follows:
    • Highly evaluated by Central High graded leadership: “Restore traditional career of nation”.
    • To be granted certificate, certificate of merit, golden medal for product.
    • To be praised by writers and artists circle.
    • To be loved by customers in domestic and in abroad, and evaluated highly about fine arts value.

Together with desire of popularizing to develop more traditional national career, we established branches on every where.

  • Date 20 april 1994 established XQ Co Do Silk embroidery Center.
  • Early 1995 XQ Saigon silk embroidery Center was established.
  • Date 27 November 1997 established XQ Nha Trang silk embroidery Center.
  • Date 01 April 1999 established XQ Nha Trang silk embroidery Center.
  • December 2003 established XQ Ha Noi silk embroidery Center.
  • Especially date 29 December 2001 XQ Historical Village was opened officially, created a square for XQ artists , embroiderers created meanwhile kept and developed more about a career, a national culture characters.