Up to now, the Vietnamese history of over 4000 years for buiding and protecting country connected with great things, with magnanimous tradition to make a beauty and semplice Viet Nam.

The beauty of our country spread of the whole Viet Nam country. Vietnamesewomen are labourious, patient as if they can hold all the hardship and sacrified for the happiness of their relatives. Since that, they made for themselves an occupation, a legend as their soul.

In the early 1990s, Viet Nam hand embroidery reached to the top of embroidery art, when two craftsmen Mr Vo Van Quan and Mrs Hoang Le Xuan have drawn up a new heading for Vietnamese traditional embroidery by the way of combination graphic features and Vietnamese traditional technique. Especially, Vietnamese traditional themes are replaced the Chinese one which used to occurred in embroidery picture in centuries before. The creation of this couple artists made a new colour for Vietnamese embroidery picture, and it contributed to make a typical culture, a precious gift for Vietnamese people and meaningful souvenir for international visitors on their occasion to Viet Nam.
Embroidery picture of Viet Nam are also taken oversea in order to introduce the beauty of Vietnamese traditional culture. Since that, embroidery becomes special art which contribute to enrich international cultural treasure.

Today, our embroidery picture is more different than it was, many people accepted that Viet Nam embroidery picture is more harmonious and fine in stitch and closed to the painting art. Moreover, its theme is about the homeland and the human life which is very Vietnamese and in Viet Nam only.

When enjoy embroidery picture, the viewer feels as if they get lost into a forest of diversified and copious colour of Vietnamese countrysides. The material of our picture is selected from quitessence and creative artist which is commented by art researcher: “ this embroidery art is not the selecting and arrangement of thread in a logical correlation, but it helps the viewer have the new outlook by the image of musical world. By that way, the viewer can get deep feeling about it.

And Vietnamese embroiderer can pride of their work : “ through the combination of traditional and modern technique, with themes of national character, we will talk about the death, the life, the hopeness, the hidden belief, the lonelyness, the anxious moments…, the basical character of human. Our embroidery picture can verbalize that concrete and abstraction.

The international cultural life will be copious and diversified of typical colour of each nation, with different tradition which made that unique feature. With Vietnamese silk hand embroidery picture, we’re happy to have the honor on behalf of our country to contribute a semplice beauty of art.
And, that’s the colour of embroidery picture.